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The New Generation of LCD-TVs

by Ken Werner I know. Every time the bezel gets narrower or the “smart TV” interface gets a re-skin, it’s a “new generation.” But I’m talking about a significant technical improvement viewers can really see, and we’ll be seeing a good one in 2021. At the last real CES (January 2020), several manufacturers showed prototype…

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Leftovers from CES 2020

by Ken Werner CES seems a long time ago, an artifact from an age in which we still went to international trade shows like, well, like CES. But I still have some leftover notes.. These are not the kind of notes from which big, high-concept stories are made. Rather, they are records of some interesting…

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What Now?

by Ken Werner No, this is not a question of cosmic proportions. I’m not, for example, asking how we should tackle the Covid 19 pandemic. Rather, I’m asking a much narrower, display-related question. In early April Samsung Display Company (SDC) announced it would cease all LCD manufacturing by the end of this year. SDC had…

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Springtime Droplets

by Ken Werner A late Spring is finally stumbling its way into Southwestern Connecticut. The new green tree leaves gleam in the late afternoon sun, and the plantings are beginning to bloom. I transferred the first tomato plant outside today — the first of two. In short, I’m not inclined to take a deep dive…

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Sharp Created the Mass LCD-TV Market. What Now?

by Ken Werner Sharp created the mass LCD-TV market, mostly by selling LCD-TVs years before LCD technology was ready to support the application. The early Sharp LCD-TVs were truly terrible, in part because the LCDs of the time could not support video rates. But when the technology matured sufficiently, Sharp was already there, commanding over…

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LG Electronics Launches Rollable OLED-TV at CES — Maybe

Nutmeg Consultants

by Ken Werner For the last couple of years, LG Display (LGD) has shown a 65-inch rollable OLED-TV screen in its analyst/media/customer suite at CES. This year, LG Electronics (LGE) introduced the LG Signature OLED TV R rollable television set to the public with high-voltage fanfare (Fig. 1). The set is a 65-inch, 4K, OLED…

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